Spine Specialist Doctor

Spine Specialist Doctor

Dr. Shrikant Dalal, Spine Specialist in Pune, for the Best Spinal Care.

Your spine is the backbone of your body, literally and metaphorically. Designed with a complex structure, the spine is made of bones, joints, discs, and much more. This whole system allows you to walk, sit upright, and control your overall body. However, at times, with age, rigorous schedules, or sometimes even before birth, this spine can face certain problems. These problems not only cause pain but also negatively affect your daily life. Dr. Shrikant Dalal, a reputed spine specialist in Pune, aims to eliminate these problems. At his clinic, he offers customised and exclusive spine treatments, making himself one of the best spine doctors in Pune.

With a dedication to helping his patients live a pain-free life, Dr. Shrikant Dalal uses advanced facilities and equipment to offer the best treatment and nothing less.

What Makes Dr. Shrikant Dalal the Best Spine Doctor in Pune?

Dr. Shrikant has more than 20 years of experience and has helped thousands of patients. Committed to their overall well-being, he carefully guides each patient about their spine conditions and the treatments needed accordingly. From one-on-one consultations to the employment of the most advanced surgical techniques, Dr. Dalal ensures no compromise on his patient’s treatment and safety.

Why Choose Our Spine Clinic in Pune?

Our spine clinic in Pune has a lot to offer. From expert faculty and trained doctors to personalised care and surgery, we aim to be the best at everything. In addition to this, here are some features that make us really stand out in the crowd.

High Success Rates

With on-point theoretical knowledge and 20 years of practical experience, Dr. Shrikant Dalal can be your ideal pick for best spine specialist in Pune. He has helped thousands of patients. Our surgeries have high success rates without compromising your safety. So, don’t worry and book your appointment now.

Advanced Machines and Procedures

Advanced technology plays a crucial role in every field, and medicine is no exception. We understand this and use it as motivation to source all the necessary equipment needed for quality surgery for our patients. Our procedures are also advanced; a lot of them are even minimally invasive. Meaning fewer hospital stays, faster recovery, small incisions, and no scars.

Quality After-Care

At our Spine Clinic in Pune, we take complete responsibility for our patients, starting from their consultations to aftercare.

From medication to your daily routine after surgery, we guide you at every step of your recovery journey.

Treatments Available

Dr. Shrikant Dalal being one of the best spine surgeons in Pune, offers a variety of treatments. Be it any kind of spine problem, we are here to help.

Here is a list of some notable treatments available at our clinic.

How long will it take me to recover from a spinal surgery?
The recovery period of a patient after their spinal surgery depends on the type of surgery. For example, minimally invasive surgeries are quick to recover. However, on average, it takes a month to go back to your normal activities. And it may take up to six months or a year for a complete recovery.
Are spinal surgeries painful?
The experience of pain witnessed in spinal surgeries is a subjective issue. Big surgeries that involve the dissection of bones and tissues can be a bit painful. However, most of the surgeries are performed under anesthesia to ensure reduced pain and discomfort.
Do I need to take complete bed rest after my spinal surgery?
Just like any other surgery, even spinal surgeries suggest patients take a bit of a rest for some time. In general, it can be suggested for a period of 3–4 weeks. However, this can be less and more depending on the severity of the surgery and the patient’s condition.